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“Support the capacity of professionals and other actors to provide appropriate focused care”

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GCMHP aims to expand the pool of mental health professionals in Gaza to provide appropriate levels of support to identified needs. With a limited number of medical health professionals able to attend to individuals afflicted by mental health disorders, GCMHP focuses on identifying and treating psychological conditions at an early stage. To help achieve this, GCMHP builds the capacity of staff within relevant partner organizations to provide non-specialized support. By improving the capacity of others to provide basic care, an increased number of those in need will have access to early psychosocial support. The referral system will be strengthened and GCMHP can focus on the provision of specialized mental health services to those in need. 


2.1 Increased availability of trained and certified health professionals through academic and professional programs.

2.2 Capacity of organizations – working at the third level of the intervention pyramid for mental health and psychosocial support – is strengthened through GCMHP training and coaching support.

2.3 The negative impact of human rights violations on mental health conditions is more clearly understood through raised awareness.