|| GCMHP concludes a training course titled ‘Mental Health and Gender Based Violence’


In collaboration with the Training and Administrative Development Department at the Ministry of Interior—Civil Department, a training course titled ‘Mental Health and Gender Based Violence’ was conducted with the participation of 20 participants, both men and women, at the Gaza Community Centre. The course was also attended by Dr. Ziad Awad, General Director of the Academic and Professional Programmes at the Research and Training Unit of the GCMHP and Mr. Ashraf Abu Salem, Head of the Training and Administrative Development Department- Civil Department of MoI. And it was led by a group of professionals and specialists from the programme. 

The course was conducted over three days going over topics such as the relationship between Human Rights and Mental Health, Gender Based Violence, and a day focused on self-care in which a number of techniques were used.

Dr. Awad expressed content with the work and commitment of the GCMHP as well as the active participation of the MoI’s workers, and he emphasised that the collaboration between the ministry and the programme will continue.  Mr. Abu Salem expressed his gratitude for those who conducted the training as he emphasised that it is necessary to continue this collaboration between the Ministry and the GCMHP, hoping that in the future this would result in a twinning programme between the two organisations.

The participants in turn said that the training added a lot of experience for them and the asked to be provided with more training courses in different psychological areas.

At the end, Dr. Awad and the trainers gave the participants certificates and the material for the course conducted.

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