|| Gaza Community Mental Health Programme finalized a Training Program entitled "Supporting Professional Supervision"


Gaza Community Mental Health Programme finalized a Training Program entitled "Supporting Professional Supervision"


In cooperation with the Social Intervention Unit (SIU) at the Relief and Social Services Programme at UNRWA, the Training and Research Department (TRD) of GCMHP finalized the sixth (last) workshop which is part of the "Supporting Professional Supervision" training program. The training program continued for two years; the participants in this training were 16 professionals working at the SIU at UNRWA. The finalization ceremony of the training was in the presence of Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General of GCMHP, Dr. Taysir Diab, Deputy Director General for Professional Affairs, Ms. Rawya Hamam, Director of the Training and Research Department, Mr. Asem Abu Shawish, Chief Field of Relief and Social Services Programme at UNRWA, Mr. Nasser Al Khaldi, Deputy Chief of Relief and Social Services Programme, Dr. Suliman Mohammed, Head of Social Intervention Unit at UNRWA, the trainers and supervisors of the training program. The ceremony took place at Gaza Community Center.

Moreover, the "sixth" training workshop included theoretical and practical aspects and discussed the following topics: Autism disorder among children, challenges professionals face during the application of supporting professional supervision, lessons learnt, and practical skills.

Additionally, Dr. Abu Jamei talked about the establishment of the "Supporting Professional Supervision" program, its stages, development and the professional supervision workshops which were conducted for the UNRWA. He spoke about the importance of enhancing the professional relationship between GCMHP and UNRWA.

Further, Dr. Abu Jamei thanked the trainees for their commitment and willingness to learn during the implementation of the program.

On his turn, Mr. Abu Shawish thanked GCMHP and the TRD, stressing on the importance of GCMHP's effective role in serving the Palestinian community. He emphasized the importance of the cooperation between GCMHP and UNRWA.

Furthermore, Mr. Abu Shawish assured that the success of this training program was obvious through the professional development of the trainees. He appreciated the efforts of GCMHP's trainers who are highly qualified.

In addition, Dr. Diab, praised the efforts of the trainers and trainees, adding that supervision is a useful process; he advised the trainees to benefit from GCMHP's professional experience.

Dr. Mohammed highlighted the strong relationship between GCMHP and UNRWA which was celebrated during the graduation of the trainees.

On his trun, Mr. Al Khaldi, talked about GCMHP's positive role in the training and capacity building process since its establishment. He added that GCMHP's role is effective in the community.

Additionally, Mr. Hassan Zeyada, Director of Gaza Community Center, described the training process as a challenge. He mentioned that the trainers of the program were trainees before, and we can notice the effect of their education and training within this program.

On their turn, the trainers thanked the trainees for their commitment and the efforts they excreted towards the success of the training program, in addition to implementing many supervision workshops in the Gaza Strip.

Further, the trainees thanked GCMHP and UNRWA for their hard efforts in conducting this program, stressing on its importance in developing their personal and practical skills despite all the challenges they faced.  They requested from the Programme to implement more training programs in this field.  

At the end of the ceremony, certificates and training materials were distributed to the trainees.


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