|| "Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Finalized the 6th training course on "Autism Disorder


Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Finalized the 6th training course on "Autism Disorder"

The Training and Scientific Research Department of GCMHP finalized a 3 year  training course from 2015 to 2017 entitled "Developing and Implementing an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Intervention Programme for Children with Autism". The course has enabled the trainees to educate and supervise the caregivers of children with autism.  The participants were 16 professionals working at different institutions including: GCMHP, Right to live society, Palestinian Society for Autism and Rehabilitation and Fajer Association. The training course was conducted by the Swedish international trainers From Uppsala Child Habilitation Center including Dr. David Henley, Child Neurologist,  Dr. Henrik Pelling, child Psychiatrist , Ms. Lena Nilsson, Speech and Language Therapist and Ms. Josefin Mannberg, Psychologist & CBT Therapist

The 3- years training  course consisted of 6 workshops which discussed different important topics including:

·         Autism: History, symptoms and causes

·         Teaching and learning, learning theory

·         Applied behavior analysis(ABA)

·         Survey and functional analyze of behaviors

·         positive behavior support

·         Play and interaction

·         Visual Aid Support

·         Factors for a successful treatment

·         Early Intervention, Update with new evidence

·         Education and supervision for caregivers of children with Autism

·         Individual Plan (IP), mapping and setting goals

·         Long term and short-term goals

·         excessive and deficit behaviors

·         After Intervention “Low Arousal Approach” – Tools for Parents

·         Self-Control – Challenging Behavior

·         Visions about Autism intervention in Gaza Possibilities, Challenges

The ceremony which took place at the end of the training was in the presence of Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General of GCMHP and Ms. Rawya Hamam, Director of the Training & Research Department.

During the ceremony, Dr. Abu Jamei appreciated the trainers effort in the training. He also thanked them for their continuous contact with GCMHP since the year 2015 despite the difficult conditions in  Gaza Strip.

In her turn, Ms. Hamam thanked the trainers for their useful training in Gaza Strip, the hope they gave for parents and their children, and providing the appropriate guidance in the use of medicines. She also stressed on the importance of such training courses and the need to conduct more in the future.

Moreover, the trainers thanked the participants and GCMHP staff for giving them this opportunity. They hoped to take advantage of these training courses and reach the largest segment of people.

Furthermore, Dr. Pelling highlighted the remarkable difference and the great development that was achieved in a short time. He also appraised the effort and determination of GCMHP staff and the training course participants.

At the end of the ceremony, feedback was fully received and the most important achievments were presented by each trainee about the training courses during the last three years.

Finally, Dr. Abu Jamei and Ms. Hamam distributed  certificates and symbolic gifts on the trainers and the trainees. 




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