|| A Delegation From the French Consulate Visits Gaza Community Mental Health Programme


A Delegation From the French Consulate Visits Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

A Delegation From the French Consulate Visits Gaza Community Mental Health Programme. The delegation consisted of Mr. Pierre Fournier, Head of the Humanitarian Action Mission and Mr. Ggregoire Bonhomme, the Cooperation and Humanitarian Officer at the French Consulate. The delegation met with Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General of GCMHP and a number of heads of units. This visit aimed at acquainting the delegation with the mental health and human rights situation in Gaza Strip and the services provided by GCMHP. The meeting took place at Gaza Community Center.

Dr. Abu Jamei welcomed the delegation and thanked them for their visit which expresses their support to the Palestinian people. He delivered a presentation on the activities and services provided by GCMHP for the Palestinian community in raising awareness, training, rehabilitation and treatment. He also gave explanation on the psychosocial, political and economic situation that people in Gaza are experiencing. Dr. Abu Jamei illustrated the negative impacts of the siege imposed on the strip for years, and its impact on the people's mental health. He shed the light on the electricity crisis and its impact on the Palestinian community. Dr. Abu Jamei discussed with the delegate the hard living conditions that the people in Gaza are experiencing which affected the educational and health sectors, and this exacerbated poverty rate among citizens.

Moreover, Dr. Abu Jamei highlighted the challenges facing GCMHP, including the difficulties in securing the needed financial resources, as well as the Israeli obstacles on the freedom of movement and traveling, which consequently hinders the communication with the outside world. In addition to, restricting the entry of foreign experts to Gaza Strip, which impedes them to perform their duties as required.

During the meeting, Dr. Abu Jamei talked about the mutual cooperation between GCMHP and a number of international institutions in addition to the cooperation with local non-governmental organizations in providing mental health services to the community, especially children. This cooperation includes conducting numerous training courses and workshops to build the capacity of professionals in the mental health field. Dr. Abu Jamei thanked the French Consulate for their support to GCMHP, the last few years.

Moreover, the Projects and fundraising unit presented the main achievements and activities of the" emergency preparedness" project which is funded by the French Consulate. Then, GCMHP staff accompanied the delegate for a tour at Gaza Community Center to provide him with information about the clinical services provided by GCMHP.

At the end of the visit, the delegation expressed their positive feedback, stressing that the services provided by GCMHP are very fundamental to the Palestinian community.




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