|| Gaza community Mental Health Programme organized a workshop entitled " Professional Supervision is a Necessity not a Luxury"




Gaza community Mental Health Programme organized a workshop entitled " Professional Supervision is a Necessity not a Luxury"


Gaza Community Mental Health Programme organized a workshop entitled "Supportive Professional Supervision is a Necessity not a Luxury". The workshop was held in the presence of Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General of GCMHP, Dr. Ashraf Kagee, expert in the field of clinical supervision, South Africa, Dr. Yehia Khader, Director General of Psychiatry at the Ministry of Health, Ms. Abeer El- Shorafa, Head of the Mental Health Department at the Ministry of Health, in addition to mental health professionals, social workers, individuals from NGO's, international organizations, and local organizations .The workshop was held at Light House restaurant in the Gaza Strip.

During the opening of the workshop, Dr. Abu Jamei shed the light on the harsh living and psychological conditions the people in Gaza Strip are experiencing recently. Those conditions are a result of the imposed siege on the Strip for 10 years, besides the three consecutive offenses, which left thousands of martyrs, injured, and hundreds of people displaced from their homes. This caused psychological and social problems among people and lead to an increase in the level of crimes, stealing, addiction and suicide[J1]  in the community.

Dr. Abu Jamei highlighted that the year 2017, carries many painful anniversaries for the Palestinian people including the tenth anniversary of the siege and the 50th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the Gaza strip and the 100-year anniversary of Belfour declaration. This exacerbated the suffering of the people in the Gaza Strip, which increased the rate of unemployment and poverty. He also spoke about the electricity crisis by which the Gazan people have three hours of electricity daily, in addition the water crisis and the closure of borders.


Ms. Al- Shorafa added that the people in the Gaza Strip are still suffering as a result of the three consecutive offenses. The siege is still imposed, people are displaced and people with special needs are in great need for special support from the mental health professionals. She praised GCMHP's role in helping the people in Gaza Strip overcome some of their psychological problems. Especially the important programs GCMHP has implemented with the school students such as the school counselling units, and the school mediation.  In addition to conducting a number of training courses on professional supervision which helped develop the skills of the professionals working in the field.

Moreover, Dr. Ayat Abu- Jaiab, from Aisha Association for Women and Child Protection, ensured that the professional supervision training she received at GCMHP was very important and helped solve many of the challenges facing the professionals. They gained new skills and they formed new relationships with other supervisors.

"After receiving the professional supervision training the professionals have the ability to debrief, this helps them continue working, develop and become successful" Ms. Abu Jaiab said.

Dr. Khader spoke about "Healing the Wounds " program which targets the injured people and was effective and successful.  Through conducting several training courses for the school counsellors and the psychologists from the ministry of health and other institutions working in the field, GCMHP played a significant role in developing the trainees' skills.

In his turn, Dr. Kagee spoke about the importance of clinical supervision, he noted that the work of counsellors, therapists, and psychologists who work with people with psychosocial problems is hard and difficult, and it is emotionally draining. Therefore, it is always the case that counsellors working with clients need support; they need a sounding board; they need to reflect on their work with someone else.

At the end of the workshop, Dr. Abu Jamei, Dr. Khader, Ms. Al- Shorafa, Ms. Rawya Hamam, Head of the training and Scientific Research Department at GCMHP and Dr. Taysir Diab. Deputy Director of Professional Affairs at GCMHP distributed the certificates on the professional supervision supervisors. In addition to the 37 trainees from several local institutions and NGO's, who received training on professional supervision.






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