|| Gaza Community Mental Helath Programme held its Annual General Assembly Meeting


Gaza Community Mental Helath Programme held its Annual General Assembly Meeting

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) held its annual General Assembly meeting. The meeting was in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Abu Shahla, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Assembly members, the Director General of GCMHP, other Heads of Departments and community centers of GCMHP, and Mr. Hani Daloul, representative of the Ministry of Interior. The meeting took place at El Mashtl Hotel in Gaza city.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Abu Shahla welcomed the members of the General Assembly, the members of the Board of Director, the Ministry of Interior, the office of the external legal advisor, the office of the financial auditor, and GCMHP’s administration and staff. Dr. Abu-  Shahla appreciated GCMHP's exerted efforts in providing services to the Palestinian community. He highlighted the main achievements and challenges faced by the Programme in the previous year. Also spoke about  the key achievements included the following: ompleting the first phase of building the Programme's permanent headquarters under the name of the late Dr. Eyad El Sarraj, receiving Falak and Abdel Kareem Kamel El Shawa Award "For Gaza", from Tawoon Assocition. In addition to having a consistent administrative stability based on practical and scientific principles, and having one of the best financial situation since many years which helped in regaining donors' confidence. Dr. Abu Shahla pointed that the Programme's achievements reflect its professional and administrative excellence on all levels. Dr. Abu Shahla finalized his speech by hoping that the Programme continues providing its services to the Palestinian community.

Mr. Issa Nahal, the Secretary of the Board of Director highlighted the most important achievements and success during the year 2016, and presented 2016 annual narrative report. This annual report highlighted the activities of GCMHP under the strategic goals including; working with children, the victims of human rights violations, research, capacities building, and advocacy &lobbying.

Mr. Shehada El- Ebweni, the Treasurer and Mr. Yousef El- Ghazali, the Financial Manager of GCMHP, presented the financial report and the financial data for the year 2016. This report included the financial data and the report of auditor, Price Water House company.

Moreover, the General Assembly members praised the tremendous efforts exerted by the Programme in the year 2016, which resulted in in receiving Falak and Abdel Kareem Kamel El Shawa Award "For Gaza".


During the meeting, the members raised some questions and inquires on the financial and annual reports. Where discussion took place and Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Mr. Issa Nahal and Mr. Yousef Ghazali clarified some issues and answered the questions raised by the General Assembly. At the end of the session, the participants unanimously approved the financial and the annual reports of the year 2016. Price Water House company was selected as an external auditor for 2017 financial year.


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