Deir al-Balah Community Center

Deir al-Balah Community Center is a branch of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme three. Established in 1999 to provide psychological services and community in the central area of the Gaza Strip (Deir al-Balah - Nuseirat - Zawaydeh - Maghazi - Bureij).
  The opening of this center on a plot of land owned by 2-7-2005m.aly program in the city of Deir al-Balah and funded by the German Federal Republic. And implementation of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)  Centre was planning to suit therapeutic and training needs of the recipients of mental health services as well as training rooms and rooms equipped. "One way mirror" to train university students and students of the Higher Diploma in Mental Health where the center is located in the city - Deir al-Balah - (Bassa area) near the Salah Islamic schools.
The center offers services:
1. Therapeutic: 1122 has been treating the case of Male and 808 Female case of children and adults in the last five years.
2. Training: Training students from local universities, training Higher Diploma students, staff training of governmental and non-governmental institutions.
3. community: follow-up visit to the recipients of mental health services, kindergartens, schools and the application of psychological, social and therapeutic programs where, and public meetings.
4. crisis intervention: A team intervention in psychiatric crises resulting from wars, the follow-up of all those affected by the war and to provide psychological aid to them and convert the initial cases that need to follow in community centers.
Statistics community centers in the program Gaza Community Mental Health for the last five years and Sort by Relevance number of children and adults:
Deir El Balah
Adult Children Total  
697 425 1122 Male
553 255 808 Female
1250 680 1930 Total
Adult Children Total  
1181 584 1765    Male
893 344 1237 Female
2074 928 3002 Total
Kh. Younis
Adult Children Total  
950 295 1245 Male
969 222 1191 Female
1919 517 2436 Total

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