The International Day of Repentance !


My friend was in a bad mood, he decided – for the thousandth time- to get divorced. I didn't want to provoke him or increase his pains, I preferred silence and listening.

He took a long breath of his perfumed Shisha, arranged his seat and said "Their machination is great", I didn't comment, then he said "the problem is that men don't discover that till everything is destroyed", "women restrict men with responsibility and kids' ropes, which will never be dismantled", " the story has no end and as old as life itself, as if an eternal expression of regret of men's surrender to women lure".

As if my friend has finished a plea in front of the high court, without any interest of knowing the judgment for he knows the punishment is inventible, he sadly nod, and his face turned into sorrow and pain, I felt sorry for him and said: "the problem that man doesn't confess his responsibility and declare his repentance, yet he blames woman for all his mistakes and sins", my friend said " it is the woman, the perfect is not enough for her, she keeps demanding things so that man seems always dissatisfying and she gets amused blaming him"

I said "why to bear all this heart pain brother, we were taught by elders to cure the sickness by its causes" he shouted " I seek refuge in God, this evil woman made me lose any desire for women", I said "be more patient, as long as Hamas and Abu Mazen are closer to reconciliation, nothing is impossible".

It seemed that I took him out of a deep hole, my friend adore politics, he said " what will happen to Abu Mazen after those long years of being involved in the Palestinian cause? I feel sorry for him, doesn't he feel the same? Wouldn't it have been the best to divorce the cause since the first night? Will he end his journey with Palestinian unity and statehood or he will leave the arena with nothing but failure and gossips?

I was pleased that my friend got busy talking about Abu Mazen story –whose end is obscure- instead of the story of his marriage.

The question is: Does Abu Mazen owe his decision? I can still remember the scandal of Goldstone report withdrawal, which was caused the American Consulate visit to the Moqata' in Ramallah.

I said "but Abu Mazen Challenged the American administration and went to the United Nations and UNESCO", my friend replied "The real challenge is the reconciliation, if Abu Mazen wants to clear his history of the Oslo shame; he shall unite his own nation". I asked my friend about his hate to Oslo, he stood up as if he was preaching and raised his voice: "Oslo was an attempt to bribe us by donors money, Israel planned for it and many Palestinians were involved. Between a day and a night, the government apparatus was inflated with thousands of directors any tens of thousands of employees, companies and partnerships were established and with Israelis, the plan was to let the national conscience sink in the sea of donors' money and corruption, the objective was to end resistance and replace it by peace process and endless negotiations, to help people enjoy life under occupation and kill dignity in their hearts to stop dreaming of freedom", he raised his voice, others in the café could hear it, he shouted "it is repentance time for Oslo crime and this needs Abu Mazen's daring. His Oslo partner Yosi Belen opened the road of acknowledgment and repentance". My friend shouted "we are victims of a constant conspiracy, such as the siege which is under the pretext of Hamas winning in elections."Do people know that there are 70 thousands of employees who receive their salaries on condition that not to go to work! This is ordered by Abu Mazen and funded by donors who are usually concerned about their money and its impact on society!". It is confirmed that Ramallah participated with Israel and Mubarak regime in the Gaza siege, even medications were not allowed to enter Gaza, oh man, children were suffering and dying. I will never forget that we didn't have enough cement to cover graves because of this disgraceful siege, and above all, Israel launched the Gaza War, but people steadfast and Hamas became stronger. This is the last chance for Abu Mazen; to act as a leader by challenging the occupation and realizing the national unity.

I said defending "the whole issue is not easy, look what they did to Arafat when he supported resistance, Abu Mazen does a lot to try to resolve everything, and he goes to endless meetings to mobilize international solidarity with Palestinian cause"

My friend replied bluntly "this is a task he should leave to others, the president should welfare his people and nation, not depending on some employees and their reports he receives in his many voyages, unnecessary voyages!, he tries to escape of this shameful reality of people and authority instead of facing it. Doesn't Fatah –which is destroyed in front of his eyes- deserve the time he gives to Rome or Guatemala?

I said "I agree that our president travels a lot, the most important thing is to be with us and to realize the reconciliation, but don't forget that each story has two sides, or as Abu Ammar used to say 'it takes two to Tango', there is Hamas and it leadership in Gaza which impose many obstacles"

My friend replied "so, Abu Mazen needs to strengthen his relationships with Hamas, especially in Gaza. And regarding reconciliation, leaving this ultimate important issue to some spokesmen or TV cameras seekers, doesn't indicate seriousness yet indicates Abu Mazen incapability of making the decision because he doesn't have the American approval.

"What do you want him to do?"

"Firstly, to declare his guilt about Oslo, then to come to Gaza where Hamas has its strength, to declare the government from Gaza, to dedicate it as his headquarters and to solve all issues with Hamas on the grounds"

"What about Hamas?"

The high leadership in Hamas should be more decisive and not to allow any of its members to do any intentional sabotage or destructive statements. They should provide everything Abu Mazen demands, such as: releasing all detainees, welcoming all those who want to come back to Gaza, allowing newspapers to enter Gaza, and allowing him forming the government the way he chooses. This is all to make it easier for him to take decisions and stand in face of enemies of reconciliation and to encourage him to rebel against the American-Israeli Veto.

"Hamas should practice politics intelligently by providing everything to Abu Mazen to end blaming Hamas on the division". "It should organize it structure, its members should commit to the political line of the leadership. Today, it is illogical to hear some people looking forward to fighting the world while the leadership is seeking the reconciliation"

"Then Hamas should support Abu Mazen in his request for a Palestinian membership in UN"

"Abu Mazen should activate the agreement of Hamas and El-Jihad joining the PLO"

What about Israel?

"When Abu Mazen becomes a representative of the PLO which will include Hamas, his negotiating position will be better and he can offer strong offers to Israel starting by a thirty-year truce"

"You know that Israel machination is great, will the truce work, and will it declare repentance and regret?

My friend said sadly and painfully "I don't think they can repent, but the truce may give the coming generations a chance of self-determination.

In my way back home, I wondered about the relationship between women and Israel, and the reasons behind the deterioration of my friend's marriage.

When I entered my home, my wife tender voice came through "welcome my beloved, shall I prepare dinner for you?" How lucky I am. I repeated "  And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy" Ar-rum, 20

I wondered "will men ever repent? Will Abu Mazen? Will Israel?"

I laughed unconsciously when I thought "will we then celebrate the international day of repentance?"



* This article was published on in Arabic on 23/6/2012

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