|| GCMHP concludes a training course entitled ‘Stress Management and Self-care’


GCMHP concludes a training course entitled ‘Stress Management and Self-care’

The training and Research Department at the GCMHP has recently concluded a training course in collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) who is funding this training programme. 40 Ministry of Education and UNRWA staff participated. Ms. Enas Jouda, the head of the Training and Capacity Building Unit at GCMHP as well as other trainers from the programme participated. Dr. Amjad Juma’a, head of the MoE team and Dr. Sameh Khalil AlJbour, coordinator of Professional and Material Development at the Education department of UNRWA. This training course was undertaken at the Lighthouse Hall.

The two-day training course included topics that aim at introducing the concept of stress and its different types and how it affects mental and physical health.  The concept of Burn Out was also addressed along with its stages and its main effects. These concepts were introduced through a number of practical applications, most importantly relaxation and selfcare techniques which helped trainers deliver the message in a productive and useful way to the participants.

Ms. Jouda said the participants were very interactive and thanked them for their participation and commitment and hoping they would carry the techniques they learned further into their professional and personal lives. She also emphasised the importance of continuing such joint initiatives with the NRC.

Dr. Juma’a and Dr. AlJbour expressed their gratitude to the trainers and hoping to continue the cooperation in the future.

Participants in the course said that the course was such a valuable experience which added to their knowledge. They demanded more courses in different psychological areas. To end the course, Ms. Jouda, Dr. Juma’a and Dr. AlJbour handed certificates of participation to those who participated in the course.


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