|| GCMHP concludes a training course: ‘Advanced Course in Self-care Skills and Relaxation for Children Techniques.’


A course was conducted in collaboration with the Palestinian Early Childhood Education Programme titled ‘Advanced Course in Self-care skills and relaxation techniques for children.’ 22 kindergarten carers participated in the course at the main headquarters of the GCMHP with the presence of Dr. Ziad Awad, General Director of the Academic and Professional Programmes at the Research and Training Unit of the GCMHP.

The course was conducted over five days starting with a social evaluation to understand the pressures that carers endure. Feedback on previously used techniques was also done regarding how beneficial they were on a personal and a professional level for the carers. Various techniques were used during the training such as relaxation, self-care, and mind and body techniques.

Dr. Awad expressed content with the work and commitment of the GCMHP as well as the active participation of the participants, and he emphasised that the collaboration between the GCMHP and the PECEP will continue in the future.

This course was aimed at building the capacity of carers and providing them with the necessary techniques to deal with children in their kindergartens as well as easing the psychological pressures which they may be facing as a result of social or economic or health related issues.

At the end of the course, certificates and the material of the course were handed to the participants.


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