|| GCMHP finalizes a Training Course entitled "The Psychological First Aid for Adults"


GCMHP finalizes a Training Course entitled "The Psychological First Aid for Adults"

In cooperation with the Women’s Health Society- South (WHS) in Rafah, the Training and Research Department of GCMHP finalized a training course entitled "The Psychological First Aids for Adults" with the participation of 20 trainees working at partner associations with WHS. A group of GCMHP's psychologists delivered the training which included the following topics: guidelines for providing mental health and psychosocial support services during emergencies, psychological trauma and related mental health disorders, understanding and providing psychological first aid, self-care and coworkers care, in addition to the related practical applications. The training took place at WHS headquarter in Rafah city.

During the training's closing, Mr. Issa Al Nahal,  WHS Consultant, thanked GCMHP for the services they provide to the civil society, and to the vulnerable areas through implementing training courses, workshops, seminars and other specialized services.

Mr. Mohammed Abu Shqar, one of the psychologists who delivered the training, assured on GCMHP's readiness to provide psychological services for the different target groups in the community. In addition, he praised the trainees' commitment and active participation, wishing to apply what they have learnt in their practical life.

In the end, certificates and training materials were handed to the trainees.


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